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Effective Friday, April 15, 2022 the new Treasury 24/7 wire cutoff time will be 4:00 pm Eastern. Previously the cutoff time was 3:00 pm Eastern. We believe this change will allow for more flexibility and convenience in your daily operations. Protecting privacy, security and customer information is the cornerstone on which NCB and your relationship is built. NCB employs numerous systems and safeguards to protect your information, and we need your help to make your accounts and transactions as safe and secure as possible. Below are good practices that you can follow to protect your accounts and information. Mail Fishing happens when thieves steal outgoing mail from a USPS blue drop box before it can be picked up. Thieves will then 'wash' checks stolen from the mail. Washing is the process of erasing details from checks to allow them to be rewritten, usually for criminal purposes. Thieves can also use the account number and routing number from your checks to initiate electronic transfers. Please consider making payments via ACH/Electronic debits. Otherwise consider delivering your business mail directly to the Post Office. If you need to contact us, please reach out to Commercial Cash Management Customer Support at or by telephone at 1-800-322-1251 ext 6095. Thank you.
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